23rd April 2014

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WonderWoman is super chill to her fans

it’s about goddamn time I’m seeing how compassionate Wonder Woman is on this goddamn site



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19th April 2014

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Princess Batman Cosplay by Sunday Cosplay

Not the Princess Gotham deserves, but the Princess Gotham needs.

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19th April 2014

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i need to be like 12x hotter than i am now



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7th April 2014

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very well done

Reblogging to watch later

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6th April 2014


So I met this woman. She is amazing smart and super kind. My problem is that I don’t think we will work out. I love her I really do but I just feel like the biggest disappointment to her. At the end of the day everything seems to be peachy but it seems like I always manage to piss her off or offend her. Little things big things out doesn’t matter. I ALWAYS push the wrong buttons. It makes me question whether it but this is going to work. Am I doing anything wrong? Whatwhat am I doing right? I don’t know what to do. I’m just so lost and I don’t know how to handle any of this.

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25th March 2014


So I found a magical app in this digital wonderland. You download and use apps and get points. You then spend those points on stuff like Itunes Xbox PayPal and even Google nexus! Just follow this link http://featu.re/K7Q648 or if you don’t follow the link just use the code K7Q648 for a free 50 points! Good luck have fun and I hope you like this so as much as I have.

22nd March 2014



OK so I haven’t made a post in a while… What brings me here is that I desperately need help. Good news is I’m moving in with my girlfriend in a couple months. The bad news is I need to get a job :P. Now the desperation comes from my lack of transportation. We live in a nice neighborhood but it’s cut off from all the work places by a highway. I don’t have my license because I’m afraid to drive so I ride bikes. Here is where all of you come in. I need a bike to get to and from whatever job I may or may not get. So I am reaching out to you guys for help. I need to achieve 200 dollars asap. Every little bit helps. Whether it is 200 donating 1 dollar or 1 donating 200 dollars I have no other way about this. I can’t really get a job to pay for it because there isn’t any temporary jobs around where I currently live. Since I would only be working for them for three months at the most they won’t hire me. So please people of tumblr help me out here. My PayPal is android84120@hotmail.com I will update you all upon my successful purchase of the bike do no one needs to donate more than is needed. Please help me guys I’m kinda desperate here :(

16th March 2014

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16th March 2014

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16th March 2014

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